Friday, August 14, 2015

EFFIGY HUNTER, new book on your medieval ancestors

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Effigy Hunter is a literary genre-bender. 

There’s nothing like it. It’s nonfiction medieval history, genealogy, monument photography, travelogue, a bucket list of where to go on your effigy hunt, anecdotes about the people behind—or under—the effigies, and a lesson in religious symbols and what they meant to the people who made them. This book contains 60 original images, and tables with more than 900 medieval names and burial places in Great Britain and Europe. Many of the subjects were royals or aristocrats, and others were famous or forgotten—until now. If you’re interested in ancestry research, this book is indispensable: chances are great that you share many of these ancestors with millions of people living today.

You need Effigy Hunter as your trail guide.

Available beginning September 2015, EFFIGY HUNTER on Amazon

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