Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Revolutionary War ancestors

Revolutionary War ancestors, who are 5th great-grandfathers, or 7 generations removed.
Paternal ancestors:
Capt. Jared Robinson, 1740-1826, 6th Regiment, Connecticut Line
Joseph Howe, 1746-1807, Connecticut 1st Regiment
Lt. Asa Stevens, 1734-1778, died in Massacre of Wyoming, Pennsylvania. Hacked to death and scalped by Indians allied to British troops.
Daniel Downing, 1739-1813, Connecticut, Capt. Branch’s Company, Jan. 10, 1778
Henry Hamner, d. 1842 Virginia
Corp. James Westervelt (Westerfield), 1755-1826, New York. (His father, Jacobus Westervelt, age 42, was killed and scalped in the 1780 Westervelt Massacre in Kentucky, moving four families away from British troops. The Dutch-American families were fleeing British occupation, and were slain by English-allied Indians on a wilderness road. The husband, Jacobus, only 42, was hacked to death and scalped (the English paid bounties on scalps). One of his sons died. The wife, Mary, hid with three daughters in a sinkhole, and another daughter and niece were abducted to Canada. The Indians stole their horses and plundered their goods. When Mary recovered, she went in search of her daughter, but her horse was shot from under her and she was also abducted. She was moved to Fort Detroit, where an English officer released her. The daughter and niece eventually found their own way home from Quebec. Her son James, my 4th-great-grandfather, was not in the massacre because he was away fighting with the Continental Army.)

Maternal ancestors:
James McClure, 1739-1798
Capt. Edward Slocum, 1748-1822, 1st Continental Battalion, Rhode Island
Corp. John Felton, 1741-1820, New Hampshire
Ensign Caleb Fowler, 1755-1822, Connecticut
Corp. Jesse Rowley, 1752-1804, Connecticut


  1. Your history is interesting. I've been reading of other slaughters and captures, learning so much of our ancestors.

  2. I am related to Lt. Asa Stevens


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